21 Mar 2018

And Then, It’s Just Not Funny...

I’m sure you’re all well up to speed with the latest insanity gripping this land of ours.

At a time when some fellow of colour has been ‘singing’ about burning the PM’s house down, an opposition MP   talks of lynching a Tory minister and both remain free and untroubled, and let’s not go near anything our newest bestest ever friends have to say about us, we finally see some decisive, strong action and common sense coming from our judicial system with at least one judge willing to step up to the plate and get tough by finding some fellow guilty of a hate crime. Oh joyous day!

And that hate crime would be? Oh, right, some poor sod posted a video, that he stupidly thought would be a bit of fun, of his dog lifting its right leg. That would be a right front leg by the way. Allegedly, the clip has had something like three mill. views with nary a complaint. I also see that no jury was deemed necessary and the judge did all the ‘hard graft’ alone.
”...Sheriff Derek O’Carroll found him guilty of a charge under the Communications Act that he posted a video on social media and YouTube which was grossly offensive because it was “anti-Semitic and racist in nature” and was aggravated by religious prejudice.”

Sentencing is due in a little bit after a while to come and will be announced from way down in the rabbit hole we’re all falling down.

For anyone just back from the dark side of the moon, here are a couple of clicky thingies that’ll lead  you to the sorry tale. Tail? Read the comments and feel the rage  fermenting against the machine.



Interestingly, in just the past week, whenever I’ve passed a dog sitting tethered outside a store, almost all have wagged their tails and raised a leg. I thought these were gestures of friendship but I now know they have far naztier connotations. Bad, bad dogs!

Anyhoo, be warned, if you have a ‘humorous’ clip of your puppy dog or kitten cat or anything really, think twice before popping it on that Tube-of-You. It might be fun to you but someone, somewhere is looking and waiting to be outraged and get you banged-up, okay? Better still, just sit on the sofa and watch cooking shows and the BBC news to keep-up with what they want you to know.

I’m betting that, even as I type, there’s someone ‘up there’ figuring the least troublesome way to shutdown all Blogging platforms and restrict that social media thingy.
{Removes natty tinfoil bonnet and fixes a stiff drink. The hell with it; I’ll just leave the bottle right there. Or here might be better.}

Quote;  DaShanne Stokes.

“It's terrifying to think you could become the next statistic.”

19 Mar 2018

And Then It Didn’t Happen...

Last week a ‘far right’ chap, who wanted to speak at Speakers Corner, was refused entry to the UK. On Sunday, one Mr Robinson put his head above the parapet, again, and delivered said speech on the banned chaps behalf. Apparently many thousands braved inclement weather conditions to hear said fellow deliver said speech. Seems the words were well received by the large ‘far right’ gathering. The event must’ve passed without ‘incident’ as, as far as I can ascertain, there’s nary a hint in the MSM that such an event even took place. There’s a shock.

You’d expect a speech made to a huge ‘far right’ audience, starting, “Dear Friends, dear Britons, dear lovers of free speech...” would get a passing mention wouldn’t you. Wouldn’t you? Oh.

After that, and in relation to that noxious nervous gaseous incident, pop along to the on-line home of John Ward, read the piece, close your eyes for an hour and let the words float and form-up then go back and read it again. And again.
Sleep well people.

Quote;  Mike Kiepper.

“For the evil our government does, tinfoil hats are simply not required, and are indeed a detriment.”