16 Nov 2017

And Then, FF-57...

All you folk wot use Firefox for your Inter-Wave surfing will be aware that a couple of days ago it made a ‘huge leap’ from version 56 to 57.

First thing I noticed was that it do seem a good bit faster. Or they slowed down version 56 so that everyone will be giggly happy with 57.

Anyhoo, the first rattle out of the box was one I was expecting which was the demise of the add-on Sage RSS Feed Reader which, sadly, was my go to sidebar of a coffee time in the morning. Wot I done did find after a little trial and delete, was Feedbro. It imports opml but Sage exports in html so I had to populate Feedbro from scratch. It didn’t take long and if you try it do some digging through the settings an’ such as I now quite like it. Works just fine. So far.

The next thing I found, or rather didn’t find, having done that ‘personalise’ stuff through the FF settings, was a way to move the tab bar down below the address bar. Probably doesn’t bother most folk but, if like me, it irritates you, try this wot I found out there and I had to search many places, take the bits I understood, keep it and continue looking. Eventually, I got to this wot’s below wot I’ve simplified for simple folk like me.

First thing to do is open Note Pad and copy this blue bit, as is, and past it into Note Pad;

/* Puts tabs on the bottom */
#TabsToolbar {
   -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2;
   border-bottom: 1px solid #888 !important; 
#nav-bar{ border-top-width: 0px !important; }

Then save it some place you’ll remember giving it this name;

Now you need to find your Firefox profile folder and if you’re not sure where it is, do this. To open the currently used profile copy and paste this about:support in the Firefox address-bar and in the page that opens look down the blue column and you’ll see ‘Profile Folder’ and to the right, ‘Open Folder’. Click on this and you’ll find the path to the profile in use. Look for a folder in that Profile called ‘chrome’. If there isn’t one just add a new folder and name it chrome.

Once you find or have created the chrome folder, just copy/cut and paste the userChrome.css file you prepared earlier into it. Restart Firefox 57 and the tab bar will/should be below the address bar.

Hope it works for you, assuming you’re picky about where the tab bar is. Say what? Didn’t work? No idea then as it worked on two ‘puters for me. Never mind; there’ll be an app along to do it before too long...

Quote;  ??

“If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0”

13 Nov 2017

And Then, No Surprise...

I’m guessing you’ve all seen the latest LBQUERTY stuff that’s hit the news, right? The church bit about boys being allowed to wear girl stuff doesn’t surprise me as they themselves have been wearing long frocks for, like ever so it’d be hard for them to object.

But the teacher in deep do-do for doing what he did? Damned if he didn’t call a girl a girl.  Isn’t that just calling a spade a spade? Oh, wait, sorry...

   A maths teacher at a school in Oxfordshire has been suspended and will appear at a disciplinary hearing to answer allegations that he referred to a pupil born female as a ‘girl’.
   In November, a complaint was made against Christian teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe from Oxford, that he referred to a transgender pupil as a “girl”, rather than the desired ‘boy’. The pupil had self-declared as ‘male.

I really don’t understand this bit below from the second link at all but it did make me smile at the sadness of it all;

   According to documents seen by the Mail on Sunday, the school also found Mr Sutcliffe to have been in breach of the school’s equality policies when he referred to the teenager by name, rather than using male pronouns.

If you want to tuck your frocks in your socks you can read more here and also here.

In all honesty I shouldn’t be surprised as our ‘education’ system has been brainwashing their charges for a long time now so why not add a little light brain-bending as well?

That is definitely it for me as very soon now nobody will know exactly what, who, why, when or if they really are. Bu-by.

However, there is good news out there as I see a dietitian has declared that two burgers are better for you than one with fries and that news couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Hope you remembered to get a ‘buy’ in on any and all fast food stocks.


Quote;  Sarah Waters.

“Clad not exactly as a boy but, rather confusingly, as the boy I would have been, had I been more of a girl.”

11 Nov 2017

And Then, It’s Just Numbers...

I took a break from my DIY project this afternoon and watched one of those How The Universe Works programs. I find them absolutely fascinating even though they tend to make my head hurt as all the numbers are ridiculously huge and impossible for me to compute.

The episode I watched related to the end of the universe and it seems something with the bad boy name of black energy will be our downfall. I sat up and took better notice when it was mentioned that black energy will tear the entire universe and its contents, that’s everything, absolutely everything apart and it’ll all disappear in one second.

Damn, put the tools away; what’s the point? Then it was postulated that this process – not the final second bit  but the bit leading up to that bit – will start in a hundred trillion years from now. As dumb as I be I do know that a trillion is a lot of years but a hundred of they trillions? Damn, get the tools back out as I do believe I’ll have time to get the job done.

It later became apparent that, however badly my project goes, I’ll definitely have time to make it good as it transpired, if I took this in correctly, that the one hundred trillion years is just to get to the start of the period when black energy will start to do its thing and there’ll be a further ten billion years of stuff happening from then to progress to the next stage and then there’ll be a further period of stuff happening over another ten trillion years before we reach the final one second blink into nothing.

Like I say, absolutely fascinating stuff but exactly what we, or the clever folk who figured it out, are supposed to do with this information I’m not fully sure at this time. For sure a tad early to start making any preparations.

I’ve been here before and I’m here again as it does, however, give you pause for thought regarding what it’s all about and all the theories from cleaver people are really no more solidly provable than the idea that this is all just a blink in some kids computer game being played in some other dimension. The cleaver folk have no idea what caused the big bang, right? It’s it obvious to me that the big bang was when the kit powered up his ‘puter.

Tell you wot though, looking round at the world, that kids old man needs to get his ass up to his kids bedroom and tell him to give his head a good sharp shake ‘cause he’s just messing with us right now. The kid could, however, be running his dimensions type of Windows 10 and that would answer a lot of the questions regarding the mess we’re presently in...

And Thus a Saturday toon. Enjoy as you drift back and away.

Quote;  Douglas Adams.

“All you really need to know for the moment is that the universe is a lot more complicated than you might think, even if you start from a position of thinking it's pretty damn complicated in the first place.”

9 Nov 2017

And Then, How Sad...

From Underdogs Bite Upwards comes something jolly interesting as you can see from the pinched picture below. Can you picture future phone conversations?
”Hay, congratulations!! Is it a boy or a girl?”
”Why thanks. Boy or girl you ask? Oh far too early to tell as it can’t talk yet so we’re just going to call it ‘It’ until it decides what it wants to be.”
Babyself? How sad can people get? I really do hope their lives continue to be so, obviously, empty as if anything of any consequence comes along they will have no chance  of dealing with it so I also hope they don’t roam too far from their safe spaces.


Then I spotted a seemingly loan loon complainer has gone ape over a major store chain having the audacity to have segregated changing rooms. Oh, wait! He? Her? It’s a performance artist and writer so that makes all the difference. Oh, wait, guess wot? The top shop out there is bowing to the ‘pressure’. How sad can people get?

As a commenter said on that site, we are living in times when glancing at a lady can be construed as harassment but a loan loon can make a major retailer introduce ‘all comers’ changing rooms. That commenter states that he no longer knows if he’s coming or going.

When will somebody ‘up there’ finally snap and say, “Right. That’s it. Enough. Round ‘em all up and let’s get ‘em sectioned.” Obviously not at this time.

The hell with it. I want to be a squirrel.

Quote;  Vernon Howard.

“Humanity appreciates truth about as much as a squirrel appreciates silver.”