18 Feb 2018

And Then, A Win...

This morning was the morning I tackled that job I dread and repeatedly put off; de-icing the freezer. Well, so, I prepared myself with several fortifying cups of coffee and shouted to the kitchen, “Let’s just do it!” The kitchen didn’t respond so, alone, do it I did. This time though I done did it somewhat differently after having one of they magical moments when my tired old brain kicked in while I was standing in front of all that ice build-up and I had a freezer epiphany. 

I’m sure you don’t remember that a little bit after a while ago I had that water leak below the kitchen sink; the leak I didn’t blame on my little nest of vipers being the gentleman I am – out loud – and the little fan heater I got to aid the sub unit dry out. The little fan heater that cost buttons. Actually, it didn’t cost buttons. I offered buttons but was told the transaction couldn’t be completed unless I grew up and offered proper money which I reluctantly did.

Well, so, I got the fan heater from that storage place we all have marked - probably never get used again but better keep just in case - sat him on the deck a couple or so feet away from the freezer, angled up the ways a tad and set him on a fairly low heat setting. Also worthy of note again, I left the door open. Pardon? No, the freezer door.

You know wot? The usual water intensive, minimum three hour job, this time, from start to all boxed up, forty minutes. Happy? Damn! As happy as I’ve been since the last time I was happy and happily that wasn’t all that long ago as, despite the modern world doing all it can to promote only misery, there’s always a little ray of sunshine to be found in the simplest of things.

Take  this morning for example; I woke, slowly swung my legs outwards, sat on the edge of the bed, bent and pulled on my socks then stood up straight and found my spine had maintained its correct alignment. Well worth a vote for happiness. Another cause for great joy was to note, whilst doing the aforementioned, that my toenails probably won’t need cutting for at least another five months...
Happy daze.

Quote;  Abraham Lincoln.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”


“The secret to happiness is not to do what makes you happy, it's to be happy doing what you're already doing.”

16 Feb 2018

And Then A Bit O’ Retro...

Damn! Where did this Friday come from? Seems like it was only a heartbeat ago it was last Friday. Aren’t there supposed to be some days in-between so’s you can do stuff?

Too late now, they be gone so let’s have a tad of twenties retro sounding stuff from Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders. It’s a great retro sound but the friend who supplied the link suggested the lyrics may be some of they double entendre sounding thingies and thus construed as a tad naughty especially by those who insist on finding anything anywhere and everywhere to cause them offence. Me? I’ve listened to it several times and I really can’t spot anything untoward at all but, just in case there is some weird double meaning hidden away in there that I haven’t picked up on, I’ll issue a DEFCON 4 TIMIDADIAN ALERT okay?


See? So, nice toon and nothing more. However, if I got it wrong and it was none PC and indeed deserving of the provided warning well, the one below, which I may have featured many, many Fridays before this Friday, is absolutely deserving of the highest warning to those of even a suspicion of nervousness. Don’t click or you’ll be sobbing and hugging your knees in your safe space for a month or more. You have been warned. However if you remember and enjoyed the Beach Boys sound, click, laugh and be damned and have a great weekend.


Quote;  Kin Hubbard.

“Classical music is the kind we keep thinking will turn into a tune.”